Typically, people come to us when they are at a crossroads. They’re likely to be looking to change their life, or they’re worried about what the future holds.

We do most of our work with two groups of people.

Firstly, those approaching retirement. We will help you understand what you want from the next phase of your life, get to know your aspirations and then develop a financial plan to ensure they are achieved.

Secondly, people who have been recently bereaved, particularly widows. We will sympathetically help you get your affairs in order and, when the time is right, put a plan in place to secure your financial future.

We work best with people who:

  • See the value of lifestyle financial planning and are ready to engage with the process
  • When in a marriage or partnership, are both equally committed to the financial planning process
  • Are willing to meet in our office; our office provides a distraction-free environment for us to talk openly

Find out more about how we can help:

Who do we work with?

Watch our video to learn more about the type of people we work with.

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People planning for retirement

We’ll help you look to the future, creating a robust strategy that will make your objectives and aspirations a reality.

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People who have been recently bereaved

We’ll sympathetically help you make sense of your financial situation and renew your feeling of purpose.

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