Alex Gordon Shute

CEO Ithaca Partners

“I reached that scary point where the little voice in my head which had been nagging away at me finally got the better of me. I realised I needed to do something about getting a pension and being a ‘grown-up’ (I was 36). I didn’t know where to start and had heard so many horror stories about scams and bad advice that I knew I didn’t want to just google someone.

I emailed 8 of my closest (and most sensible) friends asked if they would recommend their financial adviser. Well my word, what a colourful set of responses! 5 out of 8 of my friends sent me the most extraordinary vitriol about the people they had hired as financial advisers that I’d ever read. Two said that theirs were ‘ok’, but they wouldn’t exactly recommend them.

And then finally, my friend Andrea emailed and said, ‘James is not only an excellent adviser but has become a trusted friend. He advises me and guides me, and has been responsible for helping me with my pension and other financial arrangements since I was 16 and got my first job’. She is now in her late 40s and has an earlier target retirement date than anyone else I know.

Well, it wasn’t very difficult after all, was it?! I just emailed James, we fixed a meeting, and off we went into the blue yonder of a safer financial future. Since James has been advising me, I have sold my flat in order to fund setting up a business (which thankfully is flourishing) and I have offered James’s services to my staff at work. I have also suggested James to my 30-year-old goddaughter who has inherited some money and property after her Mum sadly died. She’s been so impressed that James is now working for her sister too.

Working with James is the best decision I’ve ever made regarding my finances. And what a divine surprise to find that he’s a lovely human being as well. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Working with James is the best decision i’ve ever made