I sometimes come across a little resistance to the planning idea. There is a thought that by planning expectations in life and ensuring the finances are all in place, takes out all the spontaneity and excitement from life and everything becomes so predictable.

This is an understandable feeling but pure observation shows it not to be true.

Take the weekly shopping trip

If the weekly shop is done without a list, then items will be forgotten. Creating a shopping list in a vacuum can be difficult but if it is clear which meals are to be catered for, how many are to be catered for, then the generating of a shopping list becomes easier and the whole process more effective and satisfying.

Stress and trauma is taken away as everything has been considered. All can sit and enjoy

So it is with financial life planning, having some idea of what the game plan is, what does it look like if it were good, what does it look like if it were bad, gives us an objective. Yes, the objective will change and for good reason, we are humans our life expectations will vary, but folk who do put some planning to work, say afterwards there is a sense of control and peace that comes from it.