I have noted over the last two years a significant increase in clients of major private banking firms wanting to leave out of sheer desperation. It is not to do with investment returns; it is all to do with service.

These are the wealthier bank customers with capital being managed on a discretionary basis, but where there is little or no customer contact.

The clients sit in meetings with me and you can see the deep sense of disappointment unfolding as they tell their story. The loyalty they have shown to the bank over the preceding 40 years seems to count for nothing.

We hardly ever change banks; we bank with the bank that we were introduced to by our parents. These wealthy clients would not leave if they were loved a little, if they had a contact, a name or a face to relate to.

We are proud to offer a personal service and to personally handle any financial needs you may have.

Your capital is precious and you need to have reassurance from an adviser you can get to know and trust that it is being looked after in the right way.

We understand the frustration you can experience when this personal contact doesn’t exist. We can make things simpler, provide reports that make sense and add a service that gives a feeling of control and peace of mind.

If you are experiencing a similar struggle with your private bank, do contact us.