There is a lot of chat in the Independent Financial Adviser and Wealth Management World at the moment about ACHIEVING A WORK LIFE BALANCE.

It’s made me stop and ponder what it actually means.

I think

it’s nothing to do with work
it’s a little bit about balance
but much more about LIFE

If you really love your work, you’ll want to be doing it as much as you can. This is how you want to live your life. Fine. The balance is right for you.

It’s about getting to grips with your bigger picture and this is different for everyone.

This is where you have to stop and take a breath and try to find answers to those big questions

What do you want?
What do you want to be?
What do you want to have?
What friendships do you seek?

Work life balance is about living the life we want to live with our partners, family and friends.

So is the phrase “work life balance” the wrong phrase? Should it be “life balance”?

100 years ago, for 98% of the population it was about SURVIVAL. None of this work life balance stuff then. Putting food on the table for your family was reward enough.

Now 98% of the population seek to THRIVE in life rather than just survive. Most of us can put food on the table, so we seek quality. This is good but we have to recognise that we still hold instincts that drive us along the accumulation road. And, for many of us this is not the life we really seek.

In my work, I have introduced LIFE PLANNING principles when working with clients. It’s a comfortable fit in that spending time understanding core values and objectives brings better financial outcomes.

Yes it takes time, but it is very effective.

 Everything lines up in the right order

If priorities are understood and adhered to, then FINANCIAL OUTCOMES ARE MORE ROBUST AND APPROPRIATE.