Preparing for our annual meeting, helping me give more thoughtful advice

Prior to our annual meeting, I like to get an update from you of your situation, and I like to get this early!

To provide the best advice, I prepare for our meeting a week or so in advance. I run the numbers, consider the points you have made and may be check out a couple of technical points and then draw up an agenda. I then close the file. I find that because everything is fresh in my mind, thoughts emerge in the background about ways for you to achieve your goals. These thoughts rarely occur in the office but normally in unusual places, often during slightly mundane activities such as cutting the grass, walking, driving etc.

The mind is a wonderful thing and it needs time to produce its best thoughts. You know how much emphasis I place on life planning before financial planning. We need to give our minds time to think on their own in order to make the best of our lives.

So that’s why I encourage us to take time to prepare for our meeting. If we prepare in advance we can benefit from our respective minds processing thoughts in the background.