John Leeson

Management Consultant

“I feel comfortable and relaxed having been through the process. You engendered a feeling of trust in both Angela and I, following my redundancy when I was 58. Over the nine years since that first encounter, that trust and feeling of comfort has grown – there has been no attempt to sell – it has been very much consultancy, understanding our needs and delivering to them, recognising the aspirations for a lifestyle within a budget.

I have seen your role as being rather like an architect. If you simply design a box with a lid to accumulate stuff, without understanding how life is led inside that box, it will never be a home. There is some digging around the roots, what the Japanese term “nemawashi”, to do before there is a real understanding of the requirements. This requires time and patience. You have given the former and demonstrated the latter – thank you.

Your personable nature and integrity make our meetings a pleasure, and we now have a sensible viable retirement plan.”

There is a real understanding of our requirements