Our accreditations explained

James Harvey Associates is an Accredited Financial Planning Firm, as awarded by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. James is also a Registered Life Planner with The Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

Registered Life Planner

Registered Life Planners are graduates of the Kinder Institute RLP training program.

Financial Life Planning is a movement focused on helping people attain the life they long to live. Life Planners are trained to listen and ask the questions that help discover what you truly want to accomplish, experience and be.

By putting you before your money, James is able to cultivate the financial conditions necessary for you to achieve your most deeply-felt aspirations.

Life Planners have the ability to bring a deeper insight to the process of financial planning; as a result, they form positive, life-long client relationships built on trust and understanding.

Accredited Financial Planning Firm

Accredited Financial Planning firms are recognised as some of the most trusted financial planning firms in the UK.

To receive Accredited status, a firm must first meet specific criteria, including adhering to Ethical and Practice Standards and offering the services of a Certified Financial Planner (which James is).

Our Accredited status therefore reinforces our ability to deliver a comprehensive financial planning service that enables our clients to achieve their life aspirations.

Accredited firms are leaders in the financial services profession, demonstrating excellence through the calibre of the services they provide.