It’s awesome. Rather than experience a rather heavy weight in your chest at the thought of it, you really ought to try it. That dread will soon disappear and a lighter, more in control feeling will take its place.

It is about figures. How much you earn, own, spend, save, and need to save, invest. It does take time but I can tell you that this will be one of the most exciting and useful exercises you will ever do.

Not only that, a feeling of control and understanding will permeate your finances and your life

Still not convinced? I have been running proper cash flow forecasts for clients for some time now.  The results have been truly amazing. Some of the best and most helpful conversations have come from the process, clients have become more animated, and felt more in control and therefore more active and proactive with the process.

The results bring far more robust and well thought through financial decisions, but curiously, far more appropriate and rewarding personal decisions. Because knowing how you stand financially and considering what is possible and what is not, allows for greater freedom.

Freedom from financial worry and anxiety is such a great result.