Peter Dale

Film and Television Producer & Founder of Rareday

“A key moment for me was when I left full paid employment and wanted to set up my own business from scratch. Not only did this coincide with a recession but my wife also had the urge to move to a bigger house.

I thought the two things were quite mad, particularly the thought of getting the largest mortgage of your life in your fifties. You calmly suggested that we ran the numbers to see if it was possible. It was and it completely transformed our lives. My wife loves the house and I love my business and I don’t think either of us would have been that content if we hadn’t done what we wanted.

Your capacity for listening is very unusual. Most people I’ve come across in the financial industry don’t stop talking and selling. You do exactly the opposite. You stop, listen and come back with very thoughtful advice.”

James has enabled us to completely transform our lives