Andrea Gawn

HR/Talent Director at Cognosis

“It’s an excellent service. I enjoy the discipline and our face-to-face meetings once a year. As a bit of a control freak, I feel I should be doing more to understand all the figures, but I really find the detail a bit boring. I could do the research myself as I do for everything else, but I don’t really understand it enough and wouldn’t have much confidence in the results. Financial decisions are all long-term; everything else in life is short-term, so our relationship and continuation has been a big reassurance. You stop me making mistakes. I also appreciate the way you blend the emotional side of decision making with the factual.

I have introduced my three best friends to you, my mother and my sister. These introductions take some courage, as the liability that exists if the relationship goes wrong is huge.

What more can I say about trusting you?”

James blends the emotional side of decision making with the factual