“The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly is an inspirational read and possible to complete in one sitting. While it’s essentially about the workplace and a company stuck in a rut, whilst trying to fathom out how to cope with high volumes of staff turnover, it also does a great job of showing how it’s possible to get in touch with what really matters and achieve some long held dreams. No matter how simple those dreams are.

 Not always about the money

It’s an account of an office cleaning company that has a massive staff turnover problem with the average employee staying only three months. An inquisitive management team knew it wasn’t about the size of the pay cheque and decided to explore further.

The first staff survey revealed a transportation problem. Everyday was an uncomfortable struggle to get to work. A shuttle service became the obvious solution and the caring management team reaped some quick results.

 A desire to do more

Less than half the staff used the shuttle service but a powerful message had been sent. The management team decided to take it further. The next survey became “The Dream Survey”. Beyond immediate needs, what was it that people really wanted?

The results were many and varied: a proper Christmas, a better life for their kids, to see their kids go through college, a desire to learn English, own their own house. Never money per se.

And so a Dream Manager was appointed

A cross between a life coach and a financial adviser. Someone who could not only help listen to and articulate dreams but help organise finances to achieve them.

Rita, had only dreamed of having her own home but didn’t know how to go about it. Daniel brought his wife to his next Dream Manager session. His wife not quite believing why he had new energy and had become a better husband and father. Their relationship became closer when they started dreaming again and planning together.

More than half the workforce were Hispanic with many not speaking English. A teacher was taken on and lessons set up between shifts.

The company became THE company to work for. So if anyone thinks there is a limit. There generally isn’t.

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