Over the last few years I have encouraged clients to come into the office for meetings.  I was nervous at first having previously met at their office or home, but the results have been interesting.  Instead of people being resistant they have been keen.  They want to meet the staff and see the office all to gain an understanding about the firm they entrust so much to.

The surprising result is the benefit.  One client, who had driven for about an hour, wrote afterwards:

My wife and I had the best conversation ever on the drive home

“All the points that were raised we discussed further and we really communicated in a way that would not have happened had the meeting been held in our house or my office.  If we had tried to have the same discussion at home it would have lasted two minutes, due to all the distractions and the fact that you can’t get out of a car at 70mph on the motorway – you have to talk!”